My Story

The personal side of Rosanne:
  • Wife to my best friend and business partner Wayne
  • Mother to Michaela the most incredible child a mother could have
  • Raised in Hamilton Ontario, Canada
  • Have one older, very special, very talented sister who lives in Virginia
  • A handful of nieces and nephews
  • Grew up around the ponds and woods of south London; played for hours catching crayfish, snakes, toads, frogs and many other wonderful creatures that my mom would not allow in the house
  • Grew up with a love for nature, birds, water, trees, bugs and soakers passed down by my Grandparents and Uncle
  • Love going to new places
  • Love jazz music
  • Can't dance at all!
  • Motivator
  • Inspirational Speaker
  • Friend
  • Love pizza, watermelon, red wine
  • Hate turnip, brussel sprouts, squash, yams, old stinky cheese
  • Love schwarmas, falafels, Greek food, authentic Chinese food
The professional side of Rosanne:
  • I am a business owner
  • I am an entrepreneur
  • I am the co-founder, creator and owner of Kettle Creek Weddings
  • Have officiated over 3000 weddings since 2003
  • Have built the most successful wedding Officiant company in Canada, Kettle Creek Weddings
  • Founder of Celebrating Life, a not for profit, incorporated charity
  • Founder of PAC4Life a Canadian children's charity
  • Successfully ran a humanitarian food and clothing co-op in St Thomas ON
  • Love to create
  • Love to dream
  • I am the founder of Certified Celebrants Association of Canada
  • Have officiated hundreds of funerals
  • Life Celebration Specialist
  • Life Celebration Specialist and member of OAPWO (Ontario Association of Professional Wedding Officiants)

    The passionate side of Rosanne:
    • I am passionate about my best friend and husband Wayne. He is the most amazing man I know
    • I am passionate about life, it should be lived to the fullest...every day
    • I am passionate about being the best in all I do, I am not into mediocrity
    • I am passionate about being an inspiration to others when I speak
    • I hate injustice!